About company

Our company has put into operation a new unique plant in Ukraine. Mission of the new plant is to organize a non-waste high-automated, modern production.

The plant is located 25 km from Chernihiv in the Sedniv village in Chernihiv region.

Our company produces potato native starch, modified starch, instant potato flakes, instant split pea flakes, dextrin (E-1400), corn and wheat groats. Modified starch department produces 600 tons of products per month.

There are granary and potato warehouses on the territory of the plant.

On the surrounding lands our company grows potatoes, legumes, oilseeds, which are processed at the plant.

The company grows raw materials, as well as purchases on a permanent basis - potatoes. There are certified production and technical laboratories on the plant territory. All raw materials and finished products undergo careful quality control for compliance with the approved standards.

The Laboratory has a Certificate of Attestation No. А13-228 dated 30.07.13 issued by the Ukrainian State Center of the UDU for compliance with the certification criteria and certified for carrying out measurements and indicators of objects in accordance with the certification field.